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Who make dream into reality?

Business involves a never ending series of choices .Making the right choices is what makes your business successful. Once you have decided to out source your electrical manufacturing.

The right choice is DSW


Ningbo DSW International Co.,Ltd/DSW Electronics
Address: Rm.1621 Linqiao Piazza, Ningbo City,315010, China
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Ms. Elsie Wu           Sales Man                  
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In addition to our highly trained international sales force, a core of
dedicated field trainers and our "distant learning" capabilities ensure
our customers have the information they need to get the job done right.
Ningbo DSW Electronic Factory
Address: LuoTuo Industry Zone, Ningbo315000, China
Tel : +86(574)88059928
Fax: +86(574) 88059716
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Ms. Cicy
Direct Line: (574)27863512
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Address: Room1621 Linqiao Piazza, Ningbo City,315010, China
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