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      Model No : DPS22    
This product is a new energy-saving lighting switch, it adopts high sensitivity detector, integrated circuit, controllable Silicon and SMT; It gathers automatic, convenient, safety and practical functions; The wide detection range is made up of the up and down, left and right service field; It utilizes the infrared energy from Human Body as the control-signal source, When one enters the detection field, it will start the controlled load; It can identify day and night automatically; Its installation is convenient and its range is wide; It has the functions of the power indication and the detection indication.
Power source: 100V/AC~277V/AC
Power frequency: 50~60Hz
Ambient light: 2~ 1000LUX(adjusted)
Time-delay: min: 8s+/- 3s    max: 7min+/- 2min
Rated load: 500W(220V/AC~240V/AC)
Detection motion speed: 0.6~1.5m/s
Detection range: 180 degree 140 degree
Detection distance: 9m max(<24 )
Working temperature: -20C~40C
Working humidity: <93%RH
Installation height: 1m-1.6m
Power consumption: 0.45W (static 0.1W)
  • Detection field: The wide range is made up of up and down, left and right service field. (See the following diagram 1), the moving orientation has relationship with the sensitivity, please consider it carefully when you select the installation position;
  • It can identify day and night automatically: This product has been adjusted to the maximum before leaving factory. But it also can be adjusted according to client’s desire;
  • Detection indication: The indicator lamp can flash one time when the sensor receives one signal, that show the detection is regular;
  • Time-delay is added continually: When it receives the second induction signals after the first induction, it will compute time once more on the basic of the first time-delay’s rest. (Set time)
  • Touching detection: The sensor will start the load when human touch the touching-line;( subjoined)
  • Time-delay is adjustable: It can be set according to the consumer’s desire. The minimum time is 8sec±3sec,the maximum time is 7min±2min;
  • Touch-tone switch: AUTO, OFF, ON;
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